Beer, Wine or Both?

Wine and beer have been consumed at feasts, festivals and funerals for centuries. These two top the list when it comes to the types of liquors that are consumed. The choice between Beer or wine is always difficult, and a lot of points have to be factored in when choosing the right beverage for the occasion.


There is no doubt that the go-to beverage for people who like to have a good time is beer. Beer is associated with barbecues, soccer, and groups of friends hanging out. Beer tends to bring people together or to make people open up and become friends through sharing a cold one, or catching up about sports and so forth over a six pack.

Where it gets a bit tricky is choosing the right beer to drink or share with friends. According to R&D a beer such as a Lager or a Pilsner is a great fit as it is neutral and more likely to be accepted by everyone. If one enjoys a beer that is more to the bitter and stronger side, an Ale or Stout would be a great fit. Some of the cold beverages enjoyed worldwide that are worth mentioning are Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois and Guinness.


Wine on the other hand is viewed differently from beer, and is associated with a complete opposite of things. When one closes their eyes and imagines wine one pictures a very successful person swirling a glass of wine and talking to some influential people at a gala or private function at a vineyard.

Wine represents sophistication, prestige and class. It is usually enjoyed when people are celebrating important milestones such as a new job, a promotion, an engagement or the signing of a multi million dollar deal. Beginners can either grab a wine magazine, go to a wine tasting or simply ask a friend who has some experience drinking wine.

Just like beer, there is also a very important question to ask, White or Red? Most people prefer one over the other and so it is vital to come up with a preference. When exploring white wine one can never go wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc, which has a dry taste. It is mostly enjoyed with fish and also some cheese. If one prefers a sweeter beverage that is not too dry, a semi sweet white wine will be the best option.

When it comes to red wines there is also a distinction between sweet, semi sweet and dry. The go-to red wine for wine drinkers is a Cabernet Sauvignon, which is very popular in parts of South Africa as well as America. Another favorite is a Pinot Noir and this wine pairs well with pasta, salmon or duck.

As explored above, both wine and beer can be used as celebration drinks.It all depends on the crowd, setting and occasion. It is difficult to choose one over the other or to stick to one. The conclusion is that beer and wine can both be consumed by the same types of people at different occasions.

Beer, Wine or Both?
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