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We offer cheesecloth straining bags in two sizes. Both are course mesh.

Cheesecloth Straining Bags

Muslin Straining Bags - Large

The small cheesecloth bag is great for containing hops in the boil. It measures 2" x 11" unstretched and will hold up to 1 oz of leaf hops, and 2 oz of pellet hops. The large bag measures 2" x 28" unstretched and is great for steeping grain, spices and hops. It can be used for light amounts of fruit, but we recommend a nylon straining bag for heavy amounts.

Price: $1.25
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 Other Items from Straining & Filtering Equipment

  Nylon Straining Bag w/Drawstring 4"x7" Coarse - 4"x7" coarse mesh straining bag with drawstring.
  Nylon Straining Bag w/Drawstring 14"x17" Coarse - 14"x17" coarse mesh nylon straining bag with drawstring.
  Funnel 8" Slant Style - The 8" slant funnel is great for carboys. The slant feature prevents splashing. This funnel also comes with a course screen to help filter out large particles.
  Nylon Straining Bag w/Drawstring 26"x28" Coarse - 26"x28" nylon coarse mesh straining bag with a drawstring.
  Funnel 10" Slant Style - The slant funnel measures 10" wide. The slant feature prevents splashing.
  Nylon Straining Bag w/Drawstring 14"x17" Fine - 14"x17" fine mesh straining bag with drawstring
  Stainless Steel Strainer - This is an all stainless steel strainer with a 7" basket.
  Funnel 8" Diameter - This funnel has a 8" diameter and is great for carboys.
  Plastic Basket Strainer - A Plastic Strainer that measures 10" wide. Comes with a handle. Great for filtering out hops or other matter.
  Muslin Straining Bags - Small - We offer cheesecloth straining bags in two sizes. Both are course mesh.
  Butter Muslin - 2 Yards - This tightly woven cotton cloth (90threads/inch) is used for draining all of your soft cheeses. After using rinse the cloth in cold water, wash in the machine and use over and over again. 2 yards


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