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Plastic Champagne Corks fit any champagne style bottle. They require Champagne Wires to stay sealed under pressure.

Plastic Champagne Cork

Plastic Champagne Stoppers

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  Plastic Black Top T Corks - T Corks will fit any regular size bottle neck. They work well for recorking a opened bottle of wine. They are great for liqeuer and vinegar bottles as well.
  Plastic Spigot for 3/8" Hose - Make a bottling bucket, add a spigot to your fermenter! A 1" hole is required for installation. Comes with nut and 2 washers. The spigot is made to fit a 5/16" or 3/8" hose.
  Corker Bench Model - The Bench Corker can be mounted to any table top surface for stability and ease of corking. It is adjustable to accomodate several bottle sizes.
  Corks #8 Agglomerate 25ct - Agglomerate corks are an economical choice of cork. They are meant to be used on wine that is to be aged no longer than 2 years. The #8 corks are slightly smaller in diameter than #9 corks and are easier to insert with a hand corker.
  Tapered Corks - #9 Size - #9 Tapered Corks fit into your standard wine bottle neck. They work great for re-corking an open bottle.
  Screw Cap 38mm - 38mm Plastic re-usable screw cap. Fits our gallon and 1/2 gallon jugs.
  Corks Nomacorc 100ct - Never worry about bad corks again with NomaCorc synthetic corks!
  Screw Cap 28mm - 28mm plastic re-usable screw cap. Fits our 375ml screw cap wine bottles.
  Corks Nomacorc 1,000ct - Never worry about bad corks again with NomaCorc synthetic corks!
  Champagne Corks 100 count - These are true champagne corks. A champagne corker is required to insert them into champagne bottles.
  Colored Stopper Medium - Colored Stoppers will fit all wine bottle sizes and may be pushed in by hand. They work great for presentation or recorking an opened bottle. They come in several colors. The color you receive may differ from the photo.


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