A Beer Lover Workout Regimen

So, you just arrived home from a hectic day and want to unwind with a cold one in the fridge. Of course, you deserve that beer because you work hard. However, a holiday is around the corner, meaning your calories will likely go high. Don’t worry, as there is good news. Since most beers weigh in at 150-200 calories a pint, this post has amassed various workouts to help you shake off those extra pounds and keep your beer belly at bay. And they are simple!

Jump Rope

This is not only a schoolyard pastime but an excellent cardio workout for beer enthusiasts. Yes, it keeps your heart rate in check, and you don’t need a whole hour or two. Can you imagine burning a whopping 200 calories in just 15 minutes? Just be sure to wear appropriately for your workout. At Aim’n (one of the biggest online retailers), for instance, you can find high-quality women’s sportswear, including tights, yoga pants, and sports bras. No matter your style and taste, Aim’s sportswear is designed to look and feel good while keeping women active.


Jogging is a men’s and women’s thing, and you don’t need special equipment or a gym membership. A pair of sneakers and perhaps headphones (if you love music) are all you need. A 30-minute jog daily can do wonders.


Do you remember when our college friends said that you could drink like a fish so that swimming would come naturally? Get into your swimming pool for half an hour, and you can burn well at least 200 calories.

Stair Climbing

While you may be in love with lifts, that won’t help you when it comes to burning calories. Stair climbing, on the other hand, is an easy and convenient workout for anyone. If you’re booking a hotel, for instance, you can deliberately choose a room on a higher floor so you can use the stairs to shade off weight and beer belly. Isn’t that awesome?

A Beer Lover Workout Regimen
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