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A Beer Lover Workout Regimen

So, you just arrived home from a hectic day and want to unwind with a cold one in the fridge. Of course, you deserve that beer because you work hard. However, a holiday is around the corner, meaning your calories will likely go high. Don’t worry, as there is good news. Since most beers weigh […]

How to Set Up a Beer Garden

A beer garden is traditionally an outdoor place where people can enjoy each other’s company, good beers, and tasty food. In the nineteenth century, they originated in Bavaria, Germany and were brought to the US by German immigrants. Beer gardens, including local variations, are now widespread in many places in the world. Traditional Beer Gardens […]

How to Drink and be Healthy

Alcohol has been a part of human life for thousands of years. In fact, we’ve been fermenting and brewing for over 9000 years! The oldest example of a human-made alcoholic beverage to date was found in pottery jars excavated from the Neolithic village of Jiahu in the Henan province, China, which dates back to around […]

How to Enjoy Beer and Wine at Home

If you are a lover of wine and beer, you can visit your local drinking haunt or wine bar whenever you wish, but there are alternatives. Nowadays, local supermarkets stock a wide range of beers, lagers, craft ales, and many varieties of gin and whiskey, plus all manner of drinks at affordable prices. They can […]

Personalize Your Wine Bottles

Home brewing is becoming increasingly popular, as it is not only a satisfying hobby, but it saves you money too. It’s also fun to share the end results with your friends and family. Most people start with a kit that contains everything required, but these are unlikely to include the actual bottles. The cheapest option […]

Top Three Beer-Drinking Tips

According to the 2018 Beer Institute Annual Report, the beer industry in the United States sells over $119.3 billion in beer (combined with malt-based drinks) annually. This means that lots of people consume beer here, and it isn’t surprising. An alcoholic drink has plenty of benefits. It reduces stress and improves cognitive function. When compared […]

How Beer is Great for the Skin and Hair

Beer, just like other alcoholic beverages, is great for several reasons. Besides the fun times when shared with friends and family, it tags along with several health benefits. In this article, find some of the advantages of beer to skin and hair health. Beer and Haircare Beer is a natural conditioner that can rejuvenate your […]

Reasons to Make Your Own Wine at Home

Wine is delicious, and scientists have named several health benefits if you drink it in moderation. Preparing wine at home will ensure that your favorite bottles never go dry. Besides, it is an excellent way to protect you from the coronavirus pandemic by not going out to buy from liquor stores. Here are reasons to […]

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