How to Set Up a Beer Garden

A beer garden is traditionally an outdoor place where people can enjoy each other’s company, good beers, and tasty food. In the nineteenth century, they originated in Bavaria, Germany and were brought to the US by German immigrants. Beer gardens, including local variations, are now widespread in many places in the world.

Traditional Beer Gardens

The traditional German beer garden came from the brewers’ attempts to reduce the risk of fires during the brewing process. Cellars were dug to brew the beer, gravel was spread on the ground above, and trees were planted to shade the basement and keep it cool. These outdoor, shaded spaces were later equipped with picnic benches, and the local beer was served to customers who brought their own food. Live music, singing, and dancing were enjoyed by all. Today there are many variations of this traditional model, including adding colorful plants for your customers’ delight.

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Other Aspects to Consider for Your Beer Garden

Apart from the greenery of the trees, plants, and colorful flowers, there are a number of other things to consider, including furniture, lighting, food, and entertainment. There is no need to stay with the traditional picnic benches; you can furnish your beer garden with any weatherproof furniture you desire. Lighting such as string lights, wall lights, and lanterns is essential in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Food can be traditional German fare or any local delicacies.

Don’t forget a range of beers, wines and other beverages. There really is no place like a beer garden to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.

How to Set Up a Beer Garden
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