Can You Enjoy a Beer or Wine After Breast Surgery?

Getting a good breast upgrade feels so nice. Looking at yourself in the mirror after the process evokes so much joy; you cannot be blamed for the temptation to pour a glass of wine or grab a beer in celebration. But when is the right time to do that?

The Post-Surgery Feeling

With high-quality Motiva implants, for instance, you may not feel any pain minutes after you come out of the theatre. Motiva implants are designed to feel and look natural. The design has a special focus on ergonomics to ensure it does not interfere with your day-to-day activities. There are also support programs to get you through recovery. As such, you are in a good position to celebrate with a beer or bottle of wine as soon as you get home.

However, surgery is surgery. For the best results, you need to give yourself enough rest before indulging. If you have post-implant recovery meds, please get through them first. This is not always mandatory, but remember you probably got the implants as an act of self-care in the first place! It shouldn’t be long; you are good enough to knock back a celebratory tipple after a week!

As you get back, take care not to over-indulge. Getting overly drunk may lead you to physical accidents like falling over, which may expose your new implants to excessive impact. Yes, you have the nicest set of breasts and feel pretty confident at the party, but always remember to take care of yourself!

Can You Enjoy a Beer or Wine After Breast Surgery?
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