Author: raymond

Beer, Wine or Both?

Wine and beer have been consumed at feasts, festivals and funerals for centuries. These two top the list when it comes to the types of liquors that are consumed. The choice between Beer or wine is always difficult, and a lot of points have to be factored in when choosing the right beverage for the […]

London Breweries

In the 1970s, only 11 commercial breweries were active in the Greater London area. Most of these were mass-producing pasteurised keg ale and lager of mediocre quality. But the beer scene was changing. The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) was formed in 1971 as the Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale – a rebellion against […]

Beer, Then Wine or Wine, Then Beer?

A typical night-long outing will more often than not include switching from one type of alcoholic drink to another. Beer and wine are often the first choices, even when previous hangovers have made you take a vow never to mix the two. The popular adage is, that how you order the two, that is, which […]

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