Champagne is a form of white wine which is carbonated and according to EU law must be produced in the Champagne region of France. Champagne is very similar to other sparkling wines but for legal reasons, it can only be classed as champagne if it is from the eponymously named region. there are three primary grapes which are used in the production of champagne – though occasionally others are used.

It is thought to have been developed by accident when the pressure in a bottle became too high and for a time was known as the devil’s drink. It is this high pressure in the bottle which has since given champagne its famed pop when opening.

Champagne is thought to date back to the Medieval era and has since become one of the most popular and expensive drinks in the world. Popular makers of champagne include, but are not limited to, Dom PĂ©rignon, Verve and Moet and Chandon.

Champagne has come down in price in recent years with budget options now available. The popularity other sparkling wines, such as prosecco have also gained popularity and offered at a much cheaper price.

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