Beer, Then Wine or Wine, Then Beer?

A typical night-long outing will more often than not include switching from one type of alcoholic drink to another. Beer and wine are often the first choices, even when previous hangovers have made you take a vow never to mix the two.

The popular adage is, that how you order the two, that is, which one you consume before the other, determines how you feel the following morning. Those who have been around the drinking circles for a while will probably have heard the line ‘beer before wine, and you’ll feel fine; wine before beer and you’ll feel queer.’ But does it really work?

Logic of Ordering Drinks

Before even looking at whether this method works, it is essential to ask whether it is really logical. Usually, a drinking night begins with casual wines and graduates to beer in the late hours; not the other way round. Wine can go with dinners and dates, but beer is better served during the let-go hours of banter and partying.

As you may guess, thus, the adage is probably a line coined by party poopers trying to make drinkers feel guilty. Even if you follow the order of drinks with ultimate strictness, there is always a chance that your head will feel heavy the next morning.

A hangover is what will cause you to spend the whole day on the couch after a night of drinking. If you are the kind to lounge all day nursing a hangover, by the way, then you might want to have IKEA couch covers to protect your lovely couch. They are beautiful in appearance and keep your beloved IKEA seat safe from unnecessary wear and tear.

The Right Way to Take Beer and Wine

At the end of the day, what determines how the alcohol you take hits you is the amount you drink. If you consume too much, it will weigh you down later, no matter what you chose first. The trick, thus, is to control the amount you consume in a day’s sitting.

A night will more often than not begin with a wine serving. If you know you will still be on the road late in the night, do not rush to empty the glass or bottle. Take your glass slow and savor every sip you take. Wine is meant for calm conversations; it is not about how much you drink but how well you while the time away.

The same control may not appear for beer sessions which come after. For one, the mood is already set. Add happy hours and loud banter to that, and you are almost sure to get carried away. Instead, seek to know your limit; how much can you consume and still wake up fresh? Armed with this information, plan on how regularly the rounds come to your table. Above all, always space drinks out with water!

Beer, Then Wine or Wine, Then Beer?
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