Facts about Red Wine

From how red wines get better with age to the one grape which reigns king, here are 4 fascinating facts that you might now know about a beloved bottle of red wine.

1. In the word of red wine, not all are created equal. In fact, some red wines are much better for you than others. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon has more tannins than your typical Cab Sav and so is better for you. Younger wines are also richer in tannins are thus have more health benefits. Though we must admit, older red wines often taste much better!

2. Ever wondered where red wine gets its taste? Well, it doesn’t come from the juice inside, which is actually pretty clear, it comes from the skin. The skin of a red grape is packed with a pigmentation called anthocyanin which gives red wine that wonderful and irresistible red finish.

3. One of the main ways in which different wines are produced is from using different grapes. However, when it comes to red wine , one grape is used for many different varieties. Vitis vinifera is used to make red wine including Merlot, Syrah and Pinot Noir – despite these wines been very different. They are fermented differently to produce the different varieties of wine. While you might think that this famous red wine grape comes from France, it actually comes from Eastern Europe.

4. Red wine can last much longer than white wine and actually is known to get better with age. While white wine can become very acidic with age and is no longer good for consumption, the tannins in red wine produce a richer flavor and make the wine taste better and can significantly increase the value of a wine.

Facts about Red Wine
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